Wrap it Up

As you’re out shopping this late spring and summer, you are bound to find a large selection of wrap style dresses and shirts.  The wrap look has been around for a long time and continues to stay a staple in wardrobes, as well as a trend.  When most of us think of wrap dresses, we think of Diane Von Furstenberg, who popularized this trend with her brand in the 70’s.  Today, most brands carry a version of a wrap dress as a part of their collections.  And now, the wrap style can be found in the form of coats and tops too!  There’s even the faux wrap look where  the actual wrap of the dress or top is sewn into place.  

Why is this style so popular, even today?  The first, and probably most important, reason is the fit.  The wrapped look is very flattering on every body type.  Yes, everyone.  The style is very forgiving and adjustable.  Certain wrap dresses and tops hug around the waist adding definition to your silhouette.  The typical v-neckline cut is sexy yet feminine.  The overall style leaves you looking chic and classic.  Another reason this style is always popular is because of its versatility.  There is not an occasion that this look wouldn’t work for.  Whether in solid colors or prints, long sleeve or short sleeve, heels or flats, pulling off this look is super easy and it always looks great!  
This timeless look is one you can certainly pull off.  There are so many variations in cut and style, you can easily find one that works best for you!  

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