Weekend Vibe: White Jeans

This weekend we are feeling the white jean vibe.  We don’t know if it’s the super hot weather, the beaming of the sun, or the nearing of the end of summer.  We just know that this is the mood we’re feelin’!  If you don’t have a pair of great white jeans, get them now, or you’ll be missing out!  Some people shy away from wearing white bottoms.  Let us help you dispel some of these myths and rumors.
One of the biggest reasons why people may avoid wearing white jeans is because they think they’ll get them dirty.  But really, how many times have you spilled something on yourself?  Or sat somewhere without looking first?  Not many times.  So this shouldn’t stop you.  Another hesitation some may have for wearing white jeans or pants is believing that they are all see through, exposing more than one wants.  In some instances, yes.  Fabrics can play a role.  The lighter and sheerer the fabric, the more that will show through.  However, if you buy the right pair and in the right thickness of fabric, they will not show a thing.  Wearing nude, not white, undergarments will not show under white.  Wear a nude color that blends in with your skin tone.  Another huge myth about wearing white jeans is that white can make you look bigger.  This is not true!  The style of pant or bottom will determine how you look, not the color.  Finding the perfect fit in white jeans will make all the difference in how you look and feel! 
So don’t shy away from wearing white jeans.  They are the staple jean color of the summer.  They give any outfit a chic, edgy, and clean look!  Happy Summer!!   

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