Wardrobe Reinvention

As the weather stays warmer and we wear less layers, fashion typically takes on a more simplistic look.  Sometimes it’s just too hot for all of the effort we may normally put into getting dressed.  So how do we stay stylish with less?  Reinvention!  It's redefining or restyling items in our wardrobe.  It can be as simple as pulling an outfit and swapping out a part of it with something unconventional or unique.  
Let’s take summer dresses.  This is one staple we all have in our closets.  With our summer dresses we typically wear some form of sandal.  Next time you pull out a summer dress, swap out your sandals for sneakers.  Sneakers aren’t just for jeans or workout gear.  A sleek, simple sneaker with a summer dress gives the outfit a completely different and stylish vibe.  An easy, no fuss swap for a modern look.  
Another effortless swap can be with accessories.  We all have accessories in our closets that have busy prints and eccentric shapes that we sometimes don’t know how to wear or style.  Instead of relying on your trusty monotone handbag, try glamming up a basic shirt and jeans outfit with a funky hat or colorful bag.  A beautiful silk scarf can transform into a necklace, a belt and even a bracelet!  We can do a lot with so little!  
Let’s face it, we all want to look and feel stylish, but sometimes that can be a lot of work.  We don’t have, or want to spend the time to plan our outfits in advance.  However, interchanging accessories and shoes with our everyday clothes can quickly elevate our outfits and our looks without all of the fuss!

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