..Violets Are Blue..

Valentine's Day is coming and you’re either really excited about it or dreading it.  It’s one of the most liked and equally disliked holidays of the year.  Why? There’s a huge expectation for the day to go a certain way, whether you’re single or in a relationship.  That pressure can take all the fun out of Valentine’s Day.  
For example, it’s okay to not wear red on Valentine’s Day.  Really.  And we don’t mean that in an anti-Valentine’s Day way. We actually love this holiday, no pun intended.  Wearing red is a nice way to show enthusiasm for Valentine’s Day, but blue jeans and a t-shirt are just fine if that’s the mood you’re in.  Dinner by candlelight at a restaurant is also nice, but not always for everyone. Maybe a candlelit bath or a good movie at home is more your style.  
The point is, Valentine’s Day is a day to do kind gestures for yourself or someone you love. Keep it simple and enjoyable.  
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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