Vacay Vibes

Tickets?  Check.  Hotel?  Check.  Car rental?  Check.  We are all packed and ready to go.  Vacation here we come!  After the long, never ending winter we had, this vacation is long overdue.  This trip will be a relaxing one.  No touring... no excursions... no sight-seeing...  Just laying by the pool and the beach with a drink in hand and a book to read.  The hardest decision we will make is where to eat!  
Also what's no fuss is our wardrobe.  We will spend most of the day in a bathing suit.  When we do get dressed, we want something practical, easy to put together and something that can transition from day to night if need be.  The first thing in our suitcase is a jersey fabric, summer dress with a floral print.  This can be worn with flip flops, nice sandals or white chucks.  The fabric is travel friendly and usually requires no ironing.  Also, we’ve packed some basic T’s for throwing on, and some bright colored tops when we want to amp up our look a little.  Finally, we’ve packed some shorts and one jean that can tie in almost any top with any shoe for day or night - the Moto Skinny in Galaxy.  You’ve seen us feature this jean before and there is a reason why.  It covers so many features in just one jean!  First, it can be worn with any shoe, day or night.  Next, its dark color can be perfectly dressed up at night when you go out to dinner or for drinks.  Lastly, the moto style gives it a funky edge, and elevates your look with just a simple detail.  
We hope you are looking forward to your summer vacay just as much as we are!  We hope you are able to relax, enjoy your company and de-stress from life’s chaos.  Your only worry should be about how much fun you should have!  
Happy Summer! 

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