Update Dad’s Old Favorite

Father’s day is not far away.  You still have time to get dad something nice. If he already has plenty of gadgets, ties and socks, maybe update an old favorite - his jeans.  It’s likely one of his most worn clothing items and possibly the one that needs the most updating.  Dads and their jeans are like babies and their blankies...comfy, familiar and hard to let go.  When something is so familiar and reliable, it’s hard to change it. Here are two styles of jeans we think you’ll be able to swap with his old pair.  Their comfortable, durable and stylish.


Straight Jeans in Thunder

These jeans are the ultimate blue jeans, the ones that you throw on without a thought.  They have a medium wash, fit close to the body but relaxed enough for comfort and breathability.  They will replace his worn out, weekend jeans.



Straight Leg in Virtue

The style of this jean is similar to above however the color adds a level of dimension and style that dad’s sometimes want but are not sure how to get. With all of the comforts of a typical blue jeans, the darker color can feel and look slightly dressier for dinner with mom or drinks with his friends.  If he’s tied to his favorite medium wash blue jeans, this is a great alternative that’s adds diversity and selection to his wardrobe.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads!!!

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