While most of us are in a red, white and green state of mind, Pantone, a company that standardizes hue mixing to achieve a specific shade, recently announced that the color choice for 2018 is Ultra Violet.  This hue of purple, which is a blue-based purple, was specifically chosen because of its complexity and meaning.   Pantone describes it as a bold and “provocative” color that is emblematic of changes that are unconventional and move us forward.  Whether we realize it or not, there are colors that play a role in or represent a period of time in our culture.  Where the color of Pantone 2017, Greenery,  represented reflection, reinvigoration and renewal, 2018's color focuses on the visionary thinking and ingenuity of what lies ahead.  
Release of the Ultra Violet color and what it represents couldn’t have more perfect timing.  Isn’t this the time of year we start thinking about and planning what we want for ourselves and others in the new year?  Ultra Violet might be the perfect color to remind and motivate you to stay on track as you work towards your goals. There are many ways you can incorporate Ultra Violet into your daily life.  You can be sure that you will see plenty of Ultra Violet, or shades of this hue, in fashion, home and beauty products.  This luxurious color pairs well with warm and cool tones and is an eye catching accent to any simple simple design or style.  Give Ultra Violet a chance, whether you like it for its meaning or its beauty.

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