Tuck or Cuff?

This chilly weather is giving us all the fashion feels.  I know you hear us say that each season is our favorite season, but really, Fall is probably the best when it comes to fashion.  Right now, we can’t get enough of our jean and boot looks.  They go perfectly together like apple pie and ice cream.  We are loving all of the boot styles this season.  That being said, there is one style of boot that people love but sometimes, are stumped on how to style it with their with jeans.. the bootie.  Why do we have such a hard time styling our jeans with this boot type?  The confusion usually centers around whether we should tuck or cuff our jeans with booties.  We have seen varying answers to this dilemma.  We’re here to tell you, you can get away with doing both.  Obviously, the style of jean matters.  For now, we’ll stick with styling our most popular fits and the ones most people tend to wear booties — a skinny jean and a straight jean.


The Skinny Jean

This is probably the easiest jean to work with and style. The length of this jean fall and fits close to the ankle. It easily tucks in to any kind of boot. A tucked in skinny jean into an ankle boot can give your legs an elongated look. Cuffing your jean is also an option.  Choosing between a simple or dramatic cuff is a matter of personal preference because they both look great with a bootie. In fact, a cuffing can add a nice detail to your look. 

Straight Jeans 

Unlike skinny jeans, straight jeans are a little looser around the ankle. More often than not, straight jeans are also some in varying lengths.  Even though these jeans are not snug on the ankle, straight jeans can still be tucked into an ankle boot.  Some, may think it can look frumpy that way.  However, we think when done properly, it give a more rugged look to an outfit. Similar to the look of combat boots and jeans.  If that is not your thing, then cuffing is what you want. Whether you cuff once or do a double roll, similar to the skinny jeans, cuffing can add a nice element to your look. Just make sure not to cuff too high because you don’t want to shorten the look of your leg. The cuff should fall right at or slightly above the height of the bootie. 


There are other styles of jeans that work well with booties including cropped jeans and frayed jeans.  In those instances, you want to length to fall just at or slightly above the bootie.  There are also different types of cuffing if you can believe it.  Some are symmetrical and streamlined, others are more slouchy cuffs.  Either way, the fun is in playing with what you like best, and that can change with each outfit and wear.  The point is try something new and different!  

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