To Bare or Not to Bare

The new high-waist trend that is prevalent in the fashion industry, currently, has given new life to the crop top styles of the 80s and 90s.  We are seeing crop tops worn with pants, jeans skirts, leggings and shorts of all styles and fits.  If you think you’ve outgrown this trend or don’t feel like your have the body for it… you may want to reconsider.  The key to conquering this trend is to find the right way to wear it for your body.  
First, find your comfort level with how much you are willing to bare.  Crop tops come in varying lengths from as short as the edge of your undergarment to as long as reaching your belly button.  Likewise, there are varying rises when it comes to the waist lines on pants and skirts.  Some fall below your belly button, at it, or above it.  When pairing your crop top with your bottom, you can create a combination that will allow you to show as much skin as you are comfortable baring and wearing.  If baring your belly button is not an option, wear a higher waisted jean or bottom.  If you don’t mind showing more midriff, but don’t want to look like you’re wearing a bra, opt for a crop top that is a little longer.  There are so many styles that will meet your need.  
Next, choose a crop top with a flattering silhouette and fabric.  Choose a style that has structure, and looks polished.  You’ll want to balance the style of your crop top with your bottom.  If you top is flowy or embroidered or has a busy print, keep your bottom simple and more fitted.  And vice versa.  Don’t forget, crop tops also have varying sleeve lengths and styles.  
Crop top looks can be very flattering, so play around with all options to see which styles you like best.  Whether you are tall or slim or shapely or curvy, there is a crop top look for you!

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