Three Essential Men's Jeans

Just like for women, there are staple jeans every man should have.  They are essential to any wardrobe just like a nice suit, dress shirt, nice belt and shoes and a plain white T.  Jeans will be the most versatile item in his wardrobe.  Also similar to women, men’s jeans come in a variety of fits, washes, colors and styles.  All are worthy of closet space.  But which ones are a must?  We’ll take you through the three we think are absolutely necessary.  Any others would be icing on the cake.


Dark Blue Jeans  

Dark blue jeans for men a like nude heels for women.  They are extremely versatile, will go with almost anything paired with it and can be dressed up or down.  A great pair of dark blue jeans can be styled in different ways to fit the occasion.  Whether it is t-shirt and sneakers hanging out casual or button down, blazer and shoes date night.  Dark blue jeans are very flattering on and gives an outfit a sleek look.


Black Jeans

Just like dark blue jeans, black jeans are also versatile because of the dark color.  They too, can be dressed up or down and are sleek looking when worn.  But black jeans can take it up a notch when it comes to style.  When paired correctly, black jeans can give you an edgy look.  Try black jeans with black boots and great, leather motorcycle jacket and you’ve just elevated your look.  


Classic Medium Wash Jeans

This is your go to jean when you don’t want to think.  Its your comfort, no fuss jean.  It’s your throw on in a hurry to leave jean.  It’s your grabbing a beer with the guys jean.  It’s the sweatpants of jeans.  There are many varieties of this jean alone.  Some with mild distressing, some with fading and whiskers and some with rugged, worn pocket, knee and hem edges.  This is the ultimate casual jean.  

Fall is just upon us and this is the perfect time to find these jeans.  Charlie’s Jeans, in Philadelphia, has all of the new fits, colors and styles in store now.  You can also pick up these styles here.  Let us help you find your perfect fit in the three essential jeans you need for your wardrobe. 

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