In a world of so much big, we encourage you to think small.  Small business are not just buzzwords for the holiday season.  It’s a label that many businesses, including ours, are proud of.  It represents a culture unlike any other.  Those of us that are privileged to own or work for a small business know just how special and important our role is in the commerce industry.  We won’t bore you with the economic details of why small businesses are important, such as creating jobs, giving back to communities, adding character to neighborhoods, and believe it or not, providing services for larger businesses.  We will give you two, of many, reasons why you should shop small.  
Innovation drives the world forward.  New ideas and interesting concepts thrive in a small business settings.  There are less bureaucratic walls to break down in order to create, test and make unique products.  In fact, it’s encouraged to develop new products or new uses for current products to service our customers.  How many of us shop at a local boutique because we know we will find something different and original than what we’ve seen in larger department stores?  Without small businesses, options for these items would be limited and rare.  In a world with over-saturation for some products, it’s refreshing to know that there are stores, usually small businesses, that will have a more diverse selection.
Customer service is probably one of the top reasons we return to the same store for an item.  Even though we can find that product somewhere else.  There is no worse feeling than when you need and want help while shopping, and you can’t get it.  Either because of lack of knowledge from employees, or lack of personnel to assist you.  Small businesses strive and survive on the customer service they provide to their customers.  We are able to provide more personable and expert services for our products.  This is extremely helpful and necessary for products such as jeans, that most of us find daunting to shop for.  The words “we can put you in your perfect fitting jean from the first pair on” are music to your ears when you know you recently tried on about 10 pairs of jeans that didn’t fit at the larger department stores and left feeling defeated.  Charlie’s Jeans, exclusive retailer of Sebastian McCall Jeans, will take the hassle out of jean shopping with our expertise and service.  Let us help you!
So as you head out to shop this holiday season, we hope that you will support and shop at small businesses.  We also hope that you continue to support our small businesses beyond the holiday season.  Visit us today to see what we are talking about!!

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