Fashion Week is in full motion this month.  Fashion shows are happening all over the world, showcasing what future fashion will look like for Fall 2018.  That’s right.  We are currently in winter and they are showing what we will wear next winter.  What?!!  Seems ridiculous but believe it or not, most of the fashion industry operates this way.  In many cases, what you are shopping for in stores now was purchased by that store over six months ago.  So, while some look at fashion week as an entertainment spectacle with over the top fashions that don’t seem realistic or practical to wear, for businesses in fashion and retail, it can give important insight into colors, styles and trends they may be selling in their stores in the future.  That is not something we, as consumers, really think about when we shop.  So what can you expect to see this spring according to what was shown during Spring shows at fashion week.  
Trench Coats
It seems the trench coat trend is staying longer…not that we are complaining.  The trench coat has morphed into something more than it’s original practical purpose.   It is being worn as a dress or as an accessory to an outfit.  While the khaki color still plays a prominent role in the look, designers have added embellishments and embroidery or used varying khaki colored fabrics to upgrade the simplistic look.  
Dark Denim
You know that here, at Pocket Placement, denim never goes out of style.  Even as certain trends, according to the industry, come and go.  This spring, expect to see a lot more dark denim.  The very dark, indigo kind.  You will see that denim looks are more tailored with styles including denim blazers, denim shirts and denim trousers.  Visit Sebastian McCall Jeans to find your pair!
The industry has hinted that colors will be big for spring with the announcement of Ultra Violet as the Pantone color of the year.  Expect to see many beautiful colors in stores this season and the spectrum is broad.  You will see bright colors and saturated hues as well as soft, pastel colors - think gelato shades.   
As we’ve said before, trends should be seen as a fun interpretation of clothing.  Whether certain trends fit your style or not, it’s nice to see an alternative vision of fashion that we might not have considered before.  You might find a way to incorporate a new trend while still staying true to your personal style.  

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