Taking Summer Cues

We are relishing our final summer days.  And while we kind of turned our backs to fall at the beginning of the month, we may or may not be looking over our shoulders with just a slight interest in what is to come.  It’s not that we want fall to come faster.  No, we want to enjoy as much of summer as we can get.  We just can’t help it!  We are inundated with so much back to school, back to regular work hours, back to the grind of schedules... it is impossible to ignore!  In fact, in many warmer states, everyone is already back in this mode with kids having started school this week.  So, how do we transition gracefully?  We can take some cues from the way we live in the summer.
You can start by continuing to stay in the moment.  It seems that when September comes, we hit the ground running - over-scheduling our lives, always looking to the next thing, while over looking the right now.  Summer brings out the “stay present” mindset.  Why not keep it as long as possible?  There are so many things to enjoy about fall... even the time now, as we transition into fall.  Let’s savor and relish each day, if possible, whether we are doing summer activities or a little preparing for the next season.  
Even when fall comes and we get back into our routines and our calendars fill up, let’s leave in some “maybe” options.  During the summer, there isn’t as much structure to our days, to our plans, or to our time.  We participate in things when we want to, we live for the spontaneous trips and activities, and we release the stresses of having to do something or go somewhere.  That feeling of freedom is happiness.  Don’t lose that!  When possible, leave days or time open for some spontaneity.  Give yourself the options of doing something or nothing. This will be especially helpful when the holidays start approaching.  
If you try these things, the transition of seasons may be easier than you think.  You’ll learn to live and enjoy, and not just survive, through it.  That, is a state of happiness.  
Happy Summer!

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