Picture this outfit: Your favorite sweatshirt, your favorite pair of jeans, and your favorite night-out-on-the town heels.  Sounds like one of those fashion dreams aka nightmares where you show up to work in the wrong outfit.  We know that fashion is at a point where anything goes, trends are more of a suggestion, and what was once worn or thought of in a certain way is no longer confined to those boundaries.  There are always questionable fashion trends that are not practical and just plain ridiculous.  Yet there are others that make you think, hmm…why not?
Stylish is probably the last adjective you would use to describe a sweatshirt.  In fact, we are pretty sure most people associate sweatshirts as athleisure wear and would describe them as warm and comfy.   Lucky for us, comfort and style have combined in this instance.  Currently, the sweatshirt has been “upgraded.”  That means, you can find sweatshirts with a variety of different textures, silhouettes and appliqués that are meant to be worn stylishly and a little dressier.  Not quite fancy…but more contemporary.  That also means, not just worn with sneakers! 
Now picture this outfit: a super cute cold-shoulder sweatshirt, leather pants and heeled booties.  You see, when styled just right, it can work!  If you can reimagine the sweatshirt as a fashionable apparel item, and style it correctly, you may find yourself trying out this fad.  We challenge you!


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