So, the weather cooled off for a couple of days about a week ago, and many of us jumped the gun and completely swapped our summer clothes for our winter ones.  Judging by the recent weather pattern, we may have been slightly premature in our switch.  We are not complaining, though!  The fall weather season is always a funny time of year where you are not always sure if cool is going to feel cold and if warm is going to feel hot...  How do we prepare??
It's about balance.  As you dig back into your summer clothes' bins, pull out some short sleeve and sleeveless tops.  They are still perfectly acceptable to wear during this time of year because you can always throw on a cardigan or light jacket to warm up should it feel cool.  For some, shorts may seem kind of out of place to wear in the fall.  However, cropped jeans are still appropriate to wear, and you can rotate them with your regular length jeans, especially your lighter fabric and lighter colored jeans.  Scarves and wraps are the perfect fall accessories to carry around and have on hand.  They are fashionable and practical, especially in unpredictable weather.  And while it's warm enough to wear sandals, this is also perfect time for ballet flats.  
Smart wardrobe choices will be key until the weather fully transitions into normal, cooler, fall temperatures. Until then, we're prepared to have fun experimenting with our transitional wardrobe!

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