We recently talked about jetting off to somewhere far, warm, and pretty for our vacation.  But what if a staycation is in the cards this summer?  No worries!  There are no shortage of fun and engaging events happening in our area.  From beer gardens and festivals, to art and theater showcases, and so much more.  Staycations can be just as much fun as a traditional vacation!  Maybe even less of a headache with no major traffic and traveling.  The key is planning.  
Staycations can be super busy with activities, or just simple and relaxing.  Even a little bit of both!  Planning your time and thinking a little ahead of what and when you’ll do something will help it feel more like a vacation.  We don’t mean scheduling your week… that’s the opposite of a vacation!  We mean having mental notes of things you may want to do.  Know what’s going on in your area in the event you want to get out of your house and enjoy some sun and entertainment.  Or plan a day of cooking fun at home like making a foreign dish or having breakfast for dinner and dessert for breakfast.  Visit an area of your city that you haven’t been to before or spent much time in.  The luxury with a staycation is you don’t have to go far for fun.  Fun can be in your backyard or just a neighborhood away.  The more creative you are with the activities you plan, the more memorable and enjoyable of time you’ll have.  Whatever way you choose to spend the summer, make it light, entertaining, and easy!

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