Spring Trends for Men

February is the month that spring fashion trends start hitting the stores.  Even if the weather isn’t cooperating, the spring fashion season is still moving forward.  Here are some mens’ trends you may see as you shop.

Color: Sage

There were variations of the color green highlighted on the runway, from lime green to dark army green.  However, Sage, a greyish green, was more prominently featured in both lighter and darker hues from pants to tops to jackets.  Similar to most neutral shades, Sage pairs well with many other colors and looks great on everyone.  Don’t be surprised if you see Sage throughout summer and even into fall.

Denim: Dark or Black

Dark denim is still seems to be the color choice of men for jeans.  It was popular last spring and this spring, that is the case again.  It’s no surprise why.  Dark jeans are very universal and versatile.  They pair well with most clothing and will work for almost every occasion.  It’s our most popular color among men of all ages.  In the spring mix, black is also trending.  We’re pretty sure this isn’t so much a trend, since black never goes out of style, as much as it is an alternative to a dark blue jean.

Accessory: Sling Bags

If you’ve paid a snippet of attention to men in magazines or on TV, or even in celebrity photos, you may have seen them wearing some sort of cross body bag.  Think messenger style bag except in varying sizes and shapes.  The sling bag is a practical accessory for men who are looking for a stylish and trendy alternative to the typical backpack.  Some are small enough to fit a wallet and phone while other can fit sketch pads or laptops.

Most of these trends are very wearable and already likely in your closet in some form.  If not, considering incorporating one or two this season.

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