Spring Transition

These early spring weeks are a confusing time for weather and fashion.  We know the days are getting warmer.  However, the mornings and nights and even some days in between are still cold enough to warrant more than just a cardigan or light jacket to keep warm. So how do we balance the warms days and cooler nights until we transition into full on warm weather?  Here are two simple ways:


This is probably your best option during this time. Layering allows you to wear enough clothing to keep warm. Then remove them as the temperature rises during the day.  Blazers, cardigans and wraps will be your best friends during this time. So make sure you have cute ones.  Keep a scarf in your bag. One light in fabric but big enough in size to wrap around yourself if you need warmth. 

Switching Fabrics

Opt for cotton sweaters instead of your wool ones.  They will still give you the warmth you need during cooler temps.  While jeans are worn year round, you can start incorporating the medium to light colored jeans now.  Also, switch out your wool and corduroy pants to cotton and even linen blends fabrics. Wear silk or light cotton scarves over the heavy, winter knit types.  Don’t forget about shoes.  Hold off on the booties throw in those cute ballet shoes you have been waiting to wear again.  


While a full wardrobe transition from winter to summer might be premature right now, still pull out your light, flowery blouses, your sleeveless tops and even your cropped pants. These are perfect pieces to layer and use as part of your transition wardrobe. 


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