Spring Prep

Fashion isn’t the only spring prep we are working on. We are also making transitions in our homes and to the products we use on our bodies.  With warmer and brighter days ahead, we want to make sure that we adapt and switch out things for ourselves and our home to prepare for spring.


One of the first things we do is lighten things up around the house. We bring out our lighter colored throws, pillows, dish towels, vases, and home accessories that instantly bring life into our houses. Pick a color theme and try to incorporate it in most areas of your home. These items typically don’t cost a lot of money, can add pop of color to the home, and are easily interchangeable season to season. 
Winter is taxing on our skin. The dry air leaves us our skin itchy, chapped and dull.  We spend our time and money trying to rehydrate it.  As the weather gets warmer, there’s more moisture in the air and our skin goes back to slightly normal.  Now is the time to adjust the daily creams we use for our face and body - usually from a heavier type of cream to a lighter lotion.  It’s also common to switch up the scents we wear.  Fresh and floral scents are popular for the season.  Spring time is also the perfect way to introduce warmer and brighter colors into our makeup routines. Sometimes a brighter lip hue can liven your look and your mood too! 
We’ve all been hard at work in the gym getting ready for summer.  As the weather breaks, we can switch it up, or incorporate outdoor exercises and activities to our routines.  Anytime we can do a fun outdoor activity like bike riding or playing tennis, we’ll take that form of exercise any day over the gym!  Remember, the sun gives our bodies the Vitamin D it needs to keep our bones strong and our minds even  stronger. 
Bring it on, Spring! We're ready for you!

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