Spring Jean Trends

Jeans are all the buzz for Spring.  There has been a lot of press on styles and fits that are hot for the season.  Here’s the thing, of course jeans never went out of style.  It’s just other trends have been at the forefront of fashion.  Styles like athleisure wear and trousers became the latest trends to have.  So it’s no surprise that jeans would be revisited again as the next trend to have.  It’s always the item to have each season…whether or not it gets all of the press that other trends may get.  The fact is, jeans are a staple.  Most people have a pair and most people wear them and right now, there is a renewed interest in certain fits and body styles.  In fact, some of the Spring jean trends may look familiar to you.  You may even have them in your closet already.  Here are two styles that we think you’ll want to consider re-wearing again. 


Low-Rise Jeans

Eek!!!  Not low-rise again?!  Yes, low-rise jeans are coming back.  However, not the low-rise we once knew.  These low-rise jeans are not as low as before.  You know, the ones that were barely hanging on to the waist, where you had to practically maintain an upright position or risk exposing something personal.  No, the rise of these jeans fall about an inch below the belly button and are made with fabrics with much more stretch than previous versions had.  The fabric makes all the difference in how these jeans fit, feel and flatter the body.  If low-rise is not an option for you, mid-rise will be your best bet.  Mid-rise jeans fall right below the belly button, so they cover more of your lower belly offering support and giving shape to your hips. 


Boot Cut Jeans

Boot cut jeans were probably the most popular jean fit when the premium denim explosion happened.  Partly because it dressed up a clothing item that was once often thought of and worn more like sweatpants.  Boot cut jeans fit slimming in the leg from the hip to the knee and then there is a slight flare from knee to ankle.  The flare, was in essence, meant to go over, as the name suggests, a boot.  It’s a style that became less popular as straight and skinny styles became more trendy.  It’s a very flattering jean fit and usually looks best when worn with heels.


There are other styles like straight jeans and wider leg jeans that are also popular for this spring.  The renewed interest in these styles doesn’t mean skinny jeans and high rise jeans are out.  They are just additional options to consider when you want to broaden or revamp your wardrobe.   

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