Spring Cleaning

          Spring is next week and if you haven’t already, it's time to start your spring cleaning!  We don’t mean your house… although, you should do that too.  We mean everything else - from your clothes, to your shoes, and even your beauty items!
          Let’s start with our beauty routine.  Winter weather can be harsh on our skin and hair.  The cold and dry weather leaves it dehydrated and dull.  Many of us switch the products we use during this time to ones that will give us more hydration and moisture.  Which also usually means it’s thicker in consistency and heavier on our skin.  Now that spring is around the corner and the weather is getting slightly warmer, and we mean slightly, we can swap out our heavier creams, foundations, and hair and body products for lighter ones that will provide the right amount of hydration and moisture that we’ll need for the warmer temperatures.  Change out your color schemes, too, for your lighter, brighter, and more glowing looks.  And don’t forget, this is the perfect time to trash or clean any old, overused, or unwanted items.  
          The same should be done with your wardrobes.  Make a pile of your heavy sweaters, pants, and winter shoes that are just too bulky and warm for these transitional temperatures.  Swap in your lighter weight cardigans, clothes and shoes.  Toss or donate any items that you haven’t worn in a while or don’t plan to wear again, and take inventory of what you’ll need at the same time.  
          Stores are in full, spring bloom with new merchandise so you can refresh your wardrobe and beauty products with the newest styles and trends.  When you think of spring cleaning this way, it’s not so bad after all! 

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