Something Sweet

Valentine's Day is here!  It's nice to have this holiday come up while in the midst of winter drabness.  It brings a little warmth to our hearts and our focus can finally shift to something other than the weather.  People's opinion of this holiday can be polarizing but in all essence, there is a way for everyone to enjoy Valentine's Day without feeling like they have to meet the typical expectation of the day.  Whether or not you have plans, you can still participate in the spirit of this sweet day.  
That can mean meeting some friends for a cup of coffee before work.  Grabbing lunch with a co-worker.  Or planning a special dinner menu for your loved ones.  You can celebrate it simply by wearing something special or red, treating yourself to something sweet or catching that movie you've been wanting to see.  It's great to have company but there is also nothing wrong with spending the day catering to yourself.  Instead of waiting for plans to happen to you, take charge of the day and turn it into what you want it to be.  
Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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