Show Your Stripes

Stripes are one of those prints that make an outfit super cute.  It’s also a print that some stay away from.  It’s a tricky print to wear.  Some people think horizontal stripes make you look wider and in some cases it can. Some think that wearing vertical stripes will always make you look taller and that’s not always the case.  The key to wearing stripes is a matter of balance and proportion.

The easiest way to dip your toes into stripes is to start with neutrals colors...they are less contrasting.  Higher contrasts in colors tend to draw attention to your overall look and shape.  In some cases, that’s what you want. In others, it’s the last thing you want.  The wideness of the stripe is also another aspect to pay attention to.  Wider stripes make an area look wider whereas thinner stripes are more forgiving.  Finally, be mindful of the flow and structure of striped fabrics. Fabrics that are more structured will keep the shape of the stripe.  Flowier striped fabrics will bend and curve according to body shapes. Again, it will be matter of preference and how you want the stripes to look on your body.

Stripes are a simple yet fun and classic print to wear.  Stripe size and colors can make all the difference in your outfit. Finding the right pairing to compliment your body are key to pulling off a winning look.

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