Service Is Of The Essence

Shopping for clothes nowadays is a transient experience.  You spend a little time searching for items online, you click the purchase button, and you get your package.  Don’t like the fit of something? You send it back.  There are also subscription services that send you clothes based on a profile you complete - you keep and pay for what you want, and you send back the rest.  No interaction or conversations.  Just the click of buttons.  


Many things have changed this way.  We hardly go to a movie theater because in about a week, it will be streaming on a digital site.  We don’t need to go to restaurants to eat their food because there are delivery services that will pick it up and bring it to you.  There is nothing wrong with how technology has made these things more accessible.  We are also one of these companies that has placed some focus on our website to make it the best and easiest experience to buy jeans.  We don’t deny that.  The question is, do we miss the old way, sometimes?  No longer do people spend a Saturday dedicated to hanging and shopping with friends.  It was a shopping and social event at the same time.  Do we miss this?

Retail stores still exist.  And for good reason.  There is something about going into a store to browse.  Being able to touch and feel fabrics.  Being able to compare colors and fit in real life.  Being able to ask a store associate a question and get an answer right away.  Being assisted with finding styles and sizes and getting recommendations.  Trying on and leaving with your purchase, in hand.  Instant gratification.  It was about the experience.  Stores haven’t lost this.  People who only shop online may have.  Sebastian McCall Jeans is partnered with Charlie’s Jeans in Philadelphia.  The store was just voted Best Shop in Philadelphia with a specific focus on denim.  It mentions how the staff are able to fit you in your perfect fitting jean.  No hassle.  It helps that Sebastian McCalls are the best fitting jeans!  However, the service the staff provides definitely makes finding jeans easier and makes the experience more pleasurable.  If you are still one of those who folks who appreciates the service you get when you go shopping, stores like Charlie’s Jeans are waiting for you to come in to help!

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