Every once in a while, there are fashion trends that we can get on board with.  It may be that we already own something similar, that we can see incorporating the trend rather easily into our wardrobes, or that the trend is bold but practical enough to pull off.  This year, that fashion trend is the color red.  Red is a bold statement color.  It has been symbolically associated as the color for love, passion, courage, strength, and power.  People love it because it stands out.  People also avoid it for that same reason.  The good news is that there are enough variations of shades and styles where you can make it work for you.  How?
Usually, we reserve wearing red until closer to the holidays.  However, this year it is making an early showing.  From apparel, to accessories, to footwear, you can find red in almost any form and any hue.  Red, also being called "Power Red' this fall, can be bright, fiery, and vibrant, but also muted and rich.  While it’s a color people might shy away from, finding the right hue and the right manner in which to wear it can make all the difference.  Some of us are brave enough to wear red jeans while others will only wear it as an accessory.  Still too much to commit to? Instead, try finding a top with red florals or embroidery (btw - also a trend).  
We get it - it takes a certain amount of confidence and audacity to wear red.  But it's nothing we haven’t seen in you before! 

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