Sebastian McCall Jeans 8 Years Later...

This week, we celebrate Sebastian McCall Jean’s anniversary!!!  For eight years, we’ve strived to bring you the best fitting American made jeans.  In a recent post, we spoke about all of the fundamental details that we obsess over when making our jeans.  That was to give you some insight into how important every element is to us when we make Sebastian McCall Jeans.  
When you remove trends, colors, distressing, and other fashionable characteristics that we do to reinvent the basic denim jean from season to season, at the core of what people look for in all jeans is a great fit.  Our brand was created to perfect the jean fit.  No matter the silhouette, style, or body type, we wanted every jean to fit perfectly and we knew that everybody could find their perfect fit in a jean.  Today, and for the future, Sebastian McCall Jeans will continue our mission…bringing you the perfect fitting jean!  

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