Rules Reversed

It’s summer.  Officially.  And Finally.  Bring on the summer dresses, white jeans, floral prints, sandals and boots and velour!  What?!?!  That’s a faux pas, right?  We have “rules” for not wearing summer clothes in the winter.  Do the “rules” reverse for the summer?  We know, our blog is all about fashion freedom - not following the rules... being an individual.  However, after the long, never-ending winter many of us experienced, we just assumed that everyone burned their winter gear.  Okay, not burned it, but certainly packed it away.  Ours are stowed deep in the back of our basements and we are hoping not to touch it again until, hopefully, late fall.  So, why are we still some winter fashions in the summer?  It’s part pushing the fashion envelope and part displaying future Fall 2018 fashion trends, if you can believe it or not.  
Many of us look forward to shedding the heavy winter layers in the summer.  We feel a sense of freedom of not having to wear so much.  That doesn’t mean we need to ditch everything from the fall and winter.  Just like some summer fashions can transition into winter, there are some winter fashions that can be worn in the summer.  Think booties.  If there’s one fall piece that can work easily with summer clothes, it’s the booty.  They aren’t a cumbersome shoe, and only cover the foot just a tad more than a pump.  Picture a floral summer dress, a cute boater hat and some light tan booties.  This outfit is perfect for a summer, breezy day! 
Still not convinced?  Here’s a fashion industry fact - while summer clothes are currently in stores and being advertised, fashion companies are in fact currently preparing for fall.  Behind the scenes, nearly all fashion businesses are in the process of building and securing their fall fashion pieces that you will see and want to buy in the fall.  Why now?  It’s necessary for clothing vendors that make the clothes have the time to produce the products in time for fall.  Most of the fashion industry works six to nine months ahead of schedule.  That’s why spring runway shows are displaying fall fashions.  They are predicting, showcasing, and influencing what you may see and wear in the fall.  They enlist fashion influencers such as celebrities and models to help wear these future fall trends now, to get us thinking about what’s to come.  
We aren’t mentally there yet.  You might not be either.  We do not want to rush summer!  Especially considering it literally just began.  So, don’t fret over what’s to come.  Let’s leave that to the industry.  When the time comes, we’ll start thinking about it.  Until then, let’s enjoy the warm sun!  

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