Resort Wear

Winter is not our favorite season.  There, we said it.  Sure, snow is pretty.  Of course, we love the holidays.  We also can’t deny the fun fashion that comes out in winter like coats and hats and scarves and boots.  However, we get over it pretty quickly when the cold seems unbearable.  It hasn’t even been that bad, yet just one freezing day feels like too long.  Spring is nowhere on the horizon but that doesn’t mean we can’t take our minds there.  We know most of us are dreaming of and drooling over images with brighter and warmer climates.   Lucky folks get to go on a winter getaway to somewhere warm. 
There’s actually a fashion term for clothing specifically targeted to those folks that go on a warm vacation right before, during or right after the holiday – it’s called Resort Wear.  These are collections, or wardrobe capsules, created by brands, specifically designed for those who will need warm weather clothes in the winter.  That’s why you may see bathing suits and summery types of clothes in stores and in malls during the winter.  Stores are not trying to push summer way too soon.  They are simply offering a few, new fashion pieces that you can pick up for your vacation so you don’t have to dig deep and haul out your summer clothes bin for your quick getaway. 
Even if you are not planning on going away, the Resort Wear collections can actually be fun.  They are usually filled with colorful prints, bold designs and diverse silhouettes.  Not everything is shorts and floral summer dresses.  You’ll often find standout pieces for special dinners or nights out on the town.  Many of the items will work for spring, summer and fall.  These collections usually don’t last long in stores.  So it may be worth taking a look as them while you’re out shopping.  You may find styles you’ll really like to add to your wardrobe.  At the very least, maybe just the thought of warmer weather clothes will warm you up a bit.  Wishful thinking?!

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