Online Jean Shopping

If you’re like most of us, you’re an online shopper.  It’s hard not to be this day and age.  A single click of a button from your phone or computer will get you nearly anything and everything you need delivered to your doorstep.  Convenience at its prime.  However, the least appealing part of online shopping is returns.  The time, the money and the hassle of returning items is just straight annoying, for both consumers and businesses, believe it or not. Some products are very easy to buy online.  They don’t require measurements or precise fit. Many accessories, beauty products, apparel items and even home goods can fall into the category of easy items to buy online.  On the other hand, there are items such some shoes, formal wear and especially jeans that are less easier to pick online because fit is essential to the product working and looking good.  Informing yourself with the most information as possible will make the process of online shopping and getting the right product, a lot easier.  Here are some tips for jean shopping online. 
First, Know Your Size
Well, duh, right?  We don’t mean the typical sizes that you would choose in stores like size four, six or ten or small medium and large.  We mean, it’s also helpful to know your size in inches as well.  Especially, when it comes to jeans. Many times, online items will list the width, height and weight of an item so that the consumer knows the exact size of that specific product.  You see, it is widely known that one size from one company does not usually mean you will be that size in another.  Take a tape measure and measure the area of your body for which you are purchasing a product for.  Match that as closely to the size that they recommend based on the measurements.   
When you are unsure of an online product and want to get it right, give a call to the customer service team. They can usually help with details that may not be given online.  Such as color or fabric or style. If there is a retail location for the the brand or store you are shopping online at near you, give the local store a call. More often than not, they will be knowledgeable about what you’re looking for and may give you the exact information you need to decide on your online purchase. 
Visit Physical Retail Location 
We get it, the point of online shopping is to avoid going to the store. However, for your peace of mind and to save yourself time and money making a return, sometimes it’s just better to buy in store. There are some items that are difficult to buy in person let alone online. Jeans being one of them!!  Why not get it right the first time with the help of a store associate who can provide you with knowledge and support.  Not every item you want requires this attention. However, it’s usually the items you most want that do!

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