Office Cool

It’s been hot.  Really hot.  The kind of hot where the slightest of movements will make you sweat.  While we would love to spend all of these hot days by the beach or pool, some of us have to work!  You know, to afford times when we can spend some days by the beach or pool.  For many of us, that means work clothes in the sweltering heat.  But have no fear, there are many ways to keep cool even if you have to wear pants or jeans to your office!
First and foremost, choose a lighter weight fabric.  Stick with light weight cotton, linen or rayon fabrics.  Even for tops.  These types of fabrics are comfortable, lighter in weight, have breathability, and usually dry fast when wet.  Similarly for denim, find lighter weight denim fabrics for your jeans.  The lighter the fabric, the more breathability they have.  You can usually feel the difference between heavier and lighter weight denim.  
Next, choose looser fits.  The more space you have in your clothes, the more air is able to flow through and the cooler you will feel.  Bootcut, straight leg, and wider leg trouser fits are ideal in this instance.  If skinny fits are all you have, a neat cuff or hem roll can help expose more of your skin to air for cooling.  
Finally, balance your long pants or jeans outfits by exposing more skin with your tops and shoes.  Open toe shoes or sandals are usually okay in many office environments.  Especially in the summer.  As long as they are not flip flops.  Sleeveless tops normally work in the office.  Spaghetti straps might be pushing it.  However, even if your office has a rule against these types of tops, a cardigan or light weight blazer will give you the coverage you need while at the office.  Depending on your office attire protocol, you may be able to get away with wearing both.  
Sometimes, the weather is so hot and humid, even if you were in a bathing suit, you would still feel hot.  Our goal for work attire in the summer is to stay as cool as possible, yet maintain professionalism.  Summer dresses and skirts are of course are a no brainer with it comes to  your office wardrobe mix.  Just remember that pants and jeans can work just as well!  

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