Monochromatic: Navy

We love monochromatic looks.  That should be no surprise to you if you read our blog!  Some monochromatic looks are easier to pull off and put together than others.  Some colors just might make more of a statement than you want.  Navy is definitely not one of those colors!  We can say confidently that navy is a color that looks great on everyone - men, women, young, mature… even kids.  Navy is a universal hue.  It complements all skin tones and is an exceptional shade on pretty much all apparel and accessories.  It’s as universal as black and white.  And for that reason, we are featuring navy for our monochromatic style highlight.  

Pulling off a monochromatic navy look is simple.  There is a natural spectrum of navy that will reveal itself when you put several navy shades together.  Different fabrics and textures will especially highlight these characteristics.  By the same token, these differences are what gives the look character and balance.  Little details such as copper or gold buttons, or metal tone hardware on accessories, add a subtle contrast and an element of pop.  We find that the end result of a monochromatic navy look is both refined and chic.

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