Men's Fashion Forecast

When we talk about fashion week, we are often referring to women’s fashion.  There truth is, there are many more women’s fashion designers and fashion shows to cover. However, we should not overlook the men’s!  Yes, there are men’s fashion week shows that are just as trend setting and eccentric as the women's!  This season, there were some common trends between both women’s and men’s fashion.  
Bold Color and Patterns
Similar to women’s, men’s fashion is leaning towards more vivid and brighter colored clothes.  From brilliant greens and yellows to dramatic purples and reds, colors and patterns were on every fashion element you could think of - from jackets, to shoes, to pants.  Yet, even as theatrical as the shows presented the clothes, each item by itself could work into a man’s wardrobe if styled correctly.  
Jackets and Parkas
While the outerwear trend for women is trench coats, for men, technical jackets and parkas were the stars of the shows.  Styles included ones with hoods, some with varying pockets in sizes and numbers, and the discernible technical fabrics.  A few were style dressy while most were casual.  They certainly elevated the looks and were distinct in the overall looks.
Dark Jeans
There was no surprise when we saw dark denim on the runways for men.  Identical to the women’s trend, this fashion staple is popular again this year.  Although labeled differently, “Unwashed Denim” is your typical darker, unfaded jean.  In addition to the dark blue shade, we also saw dark grey and black hues in varying fits including skinny and straight styles.
Most men take a more calculated risk with fashion.  They know how to incorporate a trend, or a version of it, into their wardrobe in a way that makes a statement without looking overtly obvious.  There are enough variations in these trends where even the most simplistic and neutral attired man could adapt an element or two. 

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