Winter can take a toll on your mind and body.  It’s cold, darker and gloomier.  Even warmer winter days can still feel too cold.  Yet, we can’t let it get the better of us.  There are some things we can do now to try and uplift ourselves from the gloom.
For your mind…
Since we are stuck in our houses much longer than normal because of the cold weather, this is the perfect opportunity to get some reading done.  Go pick up some books you’ve been wanting to read.  Fiction, non-fiction, self-help or even cooking books - any type, to just get your mind working and thinking.  Many of us usually start the new year with goals we want to achieve.  Why not read up on and plan out how you can work to accomplish those goals?!  This is also perfect time to take inventory of your wardrobe for the winter transition season.  Spring will be here soon, hopefully, and you’ll want to know what you have and what you’ll need to get.  Magazines, either print or online, and brand websites are a great way to get inspiration on new fashions and styles you may want to add to your collection.  
For your body…
New year, new you!  You are eating healthier and in your second week of your new exercise regimen, ahem, right?  No judgement here.  We understand it’s hard to stick to a plan, no matter how much you try.  Don’t beat yourself up about it.  Try to not be so hard on yourself or take yourself too seriously.  If you screw up, try to do better the next time.  Had pizza for lunch, eat better for dinner.  Couldn’t wake up for an exercise appointment this morning, take a brisk walk for lunch.  Don't throw your hands up after a slip-up, just get back on track.  
It’s not about the misstep, it’s how you adjust or change going forward.  Sunnier and warmer days are coming.  Let's be prepared!

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