Color is filling the views outside our window nowadays!  Flowers are blooming, trees are coming back to life, and people are bustling in the neighborhoods.  The bright sun and warm air are finally making it feel like spring!  We are so ready to put away our winter coats and boots.  Most of us probably haven’t completely transitioned our winter wardrobes into spring or summer yet, but we are definitely pulling out some of our favorite lighter pieces - one of which is our lighter colored denim.
Lighten Up
Sure, there isn’t a rule as to when we can or should wear lighter colored denim, but we don’t always gravitate towards it when it’s colder and darker outside.  Now is the time to pull them out and start wearing them!  Above are some of our favorites styles.  Light denim can come in various shades and washes, from super light to about medium light.  And don’t worry, darker denim is still in our wardrobe mix.  It’s just nice to lighten it up as the weather and season changes.  It’s a perfect option to wear as we spend more time outside watching little league games, brunching at sidewalk cafes, and attending spring festivals!

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