Some of us just can't give up our denim jeans in the summer, no matter how hot it is outside.  We just can’t!  It’s the foundation of our outfits all year long!  Jeans easily pair with everything and can be worn to many different festivities.  So how do we pull together an outfit that is not only cool looking but also cool feeling?
Start with the right denim.  Choosing lighter colors and lighter fabrics can help keep you cool.  The lighter the weight in denim, the more breathable it will be and feel.  Lighter colored denim doesn’t always have to mean white.  There are many shades of lighter colored denim jeans you can choose from that also come in many fits such as flare and bootcut and also in styles such as distressed or paneled.  
Keeping Cool
Pairing your jeans with lighter, flowy tops will also help keep you cooler.  Halters and tanks work well this way.  Also, don’t rule out longer sleeve blouses.  A delicate, sheer long sleeve top is airy enough to keep you cool and feeling pretty.

Keeping Cool 2


Finish your outfit with lighter shoes.  They don’t all have to be sandals but they should be lower on the heel height.  We do love our heels, but higher heels make us work harder to keep our balance and maintain our posture… even for the most professional high heel wearers.  We’re not asking you to give them up - just keep your heel lower when you can for the ultimate in feeling comfortable.  

Remember, you are not limited with denim jeans just because it’s summer and warm outside.  You also don’t have to sacrifice style!  There are so many options to choose from that will keep you feeling cool and looking cool!

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