May is a pretty busy month for folks.  Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are significant holidays. Schools are ending and graduations are taking place.  Wedding and bridal shower season hits its stride.  It’s a month pretty full of activities and events.  Events that’s you’ll need to look nice but want to feel comfortable.  Since the weather and temperature are kind of iffy, it’s important to find the right thing to wear that will meet all of these needs.

We often mention maxi dresses to meet this kind of need. They typically can be dressed up or down with a simple shoe change, are pretty, feminine, and are available in enough variations that you’ll surely find one you’ll like. This time, we think the jumpsuit is the standout item to have!  And this season, we’ve seen more styles, colors, and fabrics in jumpsuits than we’ve seen in a long time. We’ve also noticed more people interested in wanting to try and wear the style — partly because the variety is there in both fits and styles, but also because we are recognizing how cute, versatile and flattering jumpsuits are.  Just like dresses, certain fabrics and cuts will be more flattering then others.  The more structured, solid colored and form fitting the jumpsuit, the dressier it can look. Floral, flowy, and softer fabrics are perfect for daytime or more casual events.  Jumpsuits are a great alternative to the many dresses you already wear and own.  Why not change it up?!



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