Jeans To the Nines

It has been nine years since we created Sebastian McCall Jeans.  Every year at this time, we evaluate our brand and ask ourselves if we are still providing a great product that services the needs of our customers.  After nine years, we believe we still are.  It’s what keeps our customers coming back.

Sebastian McCall Jeans are super comfortable jeans.  They have just enough stretch in them to allow for movement and breathability.  Yet, they don’t bag out.  The fabric stays close to the body and the waist band never gaps.  Ever.  You can wash them and they don’t lose their color or shape.  We use premium materials, we focus on ensuring that the fit is always consistent, and we provide the best service in helping you find your perfect fitting jean.

You see, when it comes to a tried and true jean, what we like and want in jeans, Sebastian McCall Jeans are it.   They are effortless.  They are reliable.  They are timeless.


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