Nothing annoys us more than when “they” try to dictate how we can do anything when it comes to fashion.  Are we not beyond that mind frame yet?  As we’ve said in many, if not most of our posts, fashion is and should be fun.  All fashion.  If there is one fashion item that is universally worn and loved, evolving, yet always trending, and that has no age limit, it’s denim.  We can all agree that denim is a fashion staple for everyone.  It has been for many years.  But according to a recent, controversial British study, there is a cutoff age for shopping for denim!!  WHAAAT?!  That’s a joke right?!  “They” say that shopping for denim beyond a certain age is just too difficult and not worth the hassle by that age point.  Who deemed them qualified to determine a cutoff age for anything fashion?
It can be a struggle for anyone to find a perfect jean fit, right?  No matter your age.  It is the one gripe most people have about shopping for jeans.  Moreover, there are many styles, fits and washes to choose from.  We get it, it’s not so simple.  However, to decide that there is a cutoff age for who should be buying or wearing jeans is just plain silly and ridiculous.  We cannot tell you how diverse the people who wear our jeans are!  From all ages and genders.  Our survey says, you’re wrong British study!
You know that here at Sebastian McCall Jeans, our very foundation is built on having the perfect fitting jean.  From our patented fabrics to our styles and cuts, finding your perfect fit with us is not hard.  Additionally, we are partnered with a retail store, Charlie’s Jeans, that specializes in fitting you in your perfect jean from the first pair on! 
Finding your perfect fit in jeans alone may take time.  We can help you save that time!  Visit us online or visit our retail partner.  Let us help you take hassle out of jean shopping!

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