Remember when super low-rise jeans were in?  You know, the jeans so low on the hip, that if you sat down, you would surely give the person sitting behind you an unpleasant view.  Thank goodness we are beyond that fashion trend!  So, what are jean rises?
Jean Rises
When we talk about the rise of jeans, what we are actually talking about is the rise of the fabric from the crotch seam to where your waistband sits.  In other words, does the jean waist band sit below your belly, at your belly or above it, or closer to your belly button?  Some of us prefer one fit over another.  Why? Some of us have a longer torso and prefer higher rise jeans, or some of just like the style and look of a higher rise jean.  And while you may find “rules” on what type of rise you should wear according to your body type, we don’t believe that you should always be limited to those restrictions.  In all cases, your jeans should always button with ease, not gap in the waist, and maintain that closeness throughout the day.
Jean Rises 2
Most jean styles today fall between a mid-rise and high-rise length.  Even jeans that are considered low-rise are not nearly as low as before.  What’s your favorite rise?

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