It's In the Details

Not all jeans are made the same.  We know this.  We can see the difference… we can feel the difference.  But really… what actually separates one pair of jeans from another?  Is it the details?  Details like the quality of denim fabric, stitches per inch, thread count, twill weave, rivets, fabric spinning, etc.?  The cut?  The fit?  It’s actually all of the above.  They are all important components that are used in the construction of a pair of jeans.  These are details that you may overlook or not pay attention to, but details that can and will make a difference in the final denim product.  Should this information ultimately matter to you?

The answer is yes.  Let’s start with our goal when shopping for jeans.  When we look for a pair of jeans, our first goal is finding the perfect fit.  Without this, nothing matters.  No matter how expensive, inexpensive, hand made, or detailed the jean is, if it doesn’t fit right, we aren’t buying it.  And jeans are one of the few items that we refuse to compromise fit on.  Maybe that’s why jean shopping can seem daunting.  Our expectations are high and unwavering.  

It’s also in the details that we pay less attention to.  Like the color of the stitching which can define the shape of a jean, the placement of rivets, which are used to reinforce certain areas of the jeans, or the quality of fabric that will determine overall fit and lasting quality.  While most of us aren’t inspecting our jeans for the details mentioned above when we buy a pair, these elements are some of the most important components that go into making a quality jean fit great.  They are the details that, all together, make the best pair of fitting jeans.   When any of these aspects are omitted, curtailed or skimped, we can see and feel the difference in the jean.  At Sebastian McCall Jeans, we don’t compromise on any part of the development of our denim.  The perfect jean fit is the foundation of our jeans and our brand.  

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