Cuffing your jeans.  It’s a simple concept, requires minimal effort, and can change the look of your outfit in a pinch.  It’s also the best of both worlds - it allows you to shorten or lengthen your jeans whenever you want!  Sure, you could tailor them shorter, however, you’ll be limited to that length forever.  Rolling up your jeans isn't just for practical reasons anymore.  It’s actually a way to style your jeans using your cuff.  As simple as it sounds, there are some details you should pay attention to when cuffing your jeans so it looks stylish and not sloppy.  Here are two styles of cuffing that work with many fits of jeans.
Deep Cuff Roll (top row)
The deep cuff roll is a larger, folded cuff - usually between one to two inches.  Since it’s larger, it is typically folded much neater, sometimes even ironed, with defined creases.  It can have more than one fold and is especially flattering on straight and skinny jeans.
Thin Cuff Roll a.k.a. Pin Roll (bottom row)
This type of cuff is much thinner, with the folds usually an inch or less.  The creases are usually less defined and less neat.  This cuff can also have one simple fold or be rolled up several times. 
How and when you choose to roll up your jeans is a matter of personal preference.  Obviously, the longer your jeans are, the more they will scrunch at the bottom.  Tailoring the length can help fix this.  But if you want some versatility with your jeans, cuffing the hem can broaden your options with wear and style.  The biggest takeaway is not to overdue it.  Some jeans are just too long and may need to be tailored a bit shorter.  You also don’t want to roll your cuffs too many times or it will look bulky and messy.  A perfectly rolled hem will look flattering and stylish.  It ideal for warmer weather and will give an edgy, casual look to your outfit.  Give it a try!


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