Hello 2020!

A new decade has begun. Usually, leading up to New Years, people take stock of the past year of their lives for things they’ve been through and accomplished. Uniquely, leading up to this past New Years, we saw people really reflect on the past decade and how much their lives have changed, grown and evolved.  As we reflect on our business and brand, we know this time almost ten years ago, we were producing and manufacturing Sebastian McCall Jeans for their launch in the Spring.

From fabrics, to rivets to stitching to washes, we poured over every detail and design element to ensure that we were creating a jean that would look and fit perfectly on all body types.  Nearly ten years later, we proudly continue to provide the same quality and fit of Sebastian McCall Jeans.  Even as the industry shifted in how people purchased clothing to what type of clothing they purchased, denim has always remained our mainstay. 

Despite popularity in fast fashion and athleisure wear, jeans continue to be the consistent preference for fashion, value and comfort.  It’s universal in both fit and purpose and evolves as styles change and trends come and go. Denim has always been and will continue to be a staple clothing item.


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