Happy 3rd!

     Pocket Placement Blog has reached another year!  We are very proud and happy to have reached this milestone.  This platform has been a fun outlet for us to share, exchange and learn about fashion.  This year, we will highlight some of the most memorable fashions of 2018.  
     2018 was all about throwbacks.  The 80’s and 90’s decades had a huge influence on the direction of fashion this year.  Throwback styles like mom jeans, dad sneakers, biker shorts and fanny packs were showcased on runways and in stores from everyday brands to high end designers.  All nostalgic and representative of that era.  
     We also saw the use of unique materials, besides your typical cotton, silk or spandex fabrics, incorporated into everyday fashion.  Materials like plastic, vinyl and PVC were designed into shoes, jeans, jackets and handbags.  We also saw a surge in sustainable fashion.  The number of new sustainable brands was at it’s highest ever and we witnessed established brands move more towards sustainability, whether it was through materials they used or the way they manufactured their merchandise. 
     The most memorable 2018 fashions came to us through social media.  Viral fashion moments stood out the most, this year, sometimes even breaking the internet.  From the model wearing seven layers of coats on the runway, to the extremely over-sized puffy coats, to the ill-fitting slides an infamous celebrity wore to a wedding.  All were an exaggerated form fashion representing art and offering a little entertainment, for some.  These fashion moments were brilliant campaigns to increase brand awareness and conversation.
     Nonetheless, fashion is a form of self expression.  We welcome all forms of it and choose to wear those that represent us best.  We’ve always felt protective over the right to choose and wear what you want and how you want to.  Fashion is fun and should always be.  We hope that you have enjoyed the interaction and content as mush as we have.  We look forward to another great year!!!

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