We are very much looking forward to Thanksgiving this year! It feels like the holiday spirit came a little earlier, don't you think?   We can’t wait to get the season started!  We are looking forward to getting all dolled up and spending time with our family and friends as we eat some of the yummiest foods we’ve probably haven’t had in a while.  We will catch up, tell stories, play games, watch sports and, let's be honest, eat a second round of food!  Isn’t that why looser tops were made?!? 
This Thanksgiving, we are giving thanks for our health and happiness, as well as the health and happiness of our friends and families.  And even though it sounds like the same thing we said last year, it never feels redundant because the fact that we have the opportunity to say it again is the blessing.  We look forward to an amazing holiday season with you!!!  We wish you and your family safe travels and a wonderful holiday!!

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