We are here to help you check off some of your favorite men from your holiday shopping list.  It’s no secret that the selection of denim jeans for men is a lot less varied than it is for women. However, there are no shortage of details that men dolook for when they choose a pair of jeans.  This is true for men of all ages and shapes and sizes.  Here are two styles that are the same fit but in different colors.  We chose these two jeans because they are both in one of our most popular fits, yet the shade selections will provide enough variety to his wardrobe.
Men’s Tapered in Black
Black jeans are a no brainer staple for any wardrobe.  It’s just one of those items that you should have, just like a simple white dress shirt, because it will serve many purposes.  Black jeans can look a little dressier, so in many cases it can be worn as an alternative to a khaki or casual pant.  Black jeans give a clean, sharp look to any outfit.  It can be dressed up when necessary while also looking equally edgy and casual when paired with the right shirt and shoe.  Our tapered leg fit is slimming, yet comfortable. 
Men’s Tapered in Thunder
Thunder is your typical blue hue when you think of blue jeans.  It’s a medium wash color with very faint details of whiskers and fading.  These details give the jean a more casual tone.  However, they can still be worn with a dress shirt and shoes for a more elevated look.  There is an ease and comfort to the design and fit of these jeans which is why men gravitate towards this style and color.  It is the jean you want to wear everyday because it goes with everything, it maintains its shape all day, and it is superiorly comfortable, which are many of the particulars that men look for in a jean.  
All of Sebastian McCall Jeans come in our stretch fabric that allows breathability and movement while maintaining it’s shape and never bagging out.  The men’s tapered fit also comes in several other colors but we are sure he will love these particular choices for both their range and style. 

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