Gifts for Men

Last week, we helped you check off some of the women on your holiday gift list.  This week, we will focus on men.  If you are looking for a gift other than your typical sweater, cologne, flannel PJs, dress shirt or tie for your brother, husband or father...  jeans may be it!  Men’s jeans have come a long way in fit and style from what they used to be.  If the man/men in your life are still stuck wearing an outdated jean that doesn’t do much for their look, upgrade their jeans this holiday season!  We don’t expect them to start wearing trendy skinny jeans or distressed jeans right away.  However, you can ease them into a more contemporary styles such as the Sebastian McCall straight leg jean.
This jean fit is a more modern cut of the “classic fit” that has been the most popular and universal fit in men’s jeans across many standard brands.  Unlike the “classic fit,” the straight leg jean fits more tailored to the body.  It has the same width of leg from the thigh to the ankle and does not taper at the ankle like the skinny jean.  Men love this fit of jean because it provides the ultimate in comfort without sacrificing style.  They like that it looks modern, yet not too trendy.  It’s essentially an updated “classic” jean.
We get it, it’s not always easy finding the perfect gift.  This is one way you can update something he already loves to wear!  
Happy Holiday Season!

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