We can already hear our parents or grandparents saying, “you bought those jeans like that?” Yes, we did!  It’s a style of jean, we explain.  Can you guess what kind of jean we are referencing?  Right, distressed jeans.  Why on earth would someone buy jeans with rips or holes in them?  And pay a lot of hard earned money for them?  
Distressed jeans have been around a long while.  Their exact origin is debatable but their rise to popularity really picked up when music bands in the 70's wore them as a sign of rebellion and a stamp of non-conformity.  Self expression through fashion has always been a way for a generation to demonstrate for, or against, cultural norms.
Today, distressed jeans are less about social statements, and are more of an artistic fashion statement.  We wear distressed jeans because they are an edgy and trendy style of denim jean.  There are so many variations of distressed jeans - from ones with large, gaping holes at the knees that expose a lot of skin, to others with minimal frays and shreds along the legs.  They are popular with both men and women, and can be worn by people of all ages.  It’s all a matter of balancing the distressed style jean with a look you are trying to achieve.   
The distressed look has been around a while and likely won’t be going anywhere soon.  It’s even expanded into other areas of clothing such as distressed t-shirts and sweaters.  If you don’t already own a pair, what are you waiting for?!


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