Florals and prints are trendy this fall.  It’s not that they were ever out of style, it’s just more prevalent in this year's fall fashion.  Some of us see floral print or patterned clothes and we walk the other way.  We tell ourselves it’s either too complicated to figure out how to wear, it will draw too much attention, or it is just not our style.  We want to tell you that florals are not complicated to wear and can look very flattering on every body.  Everyone can wear it!  How each of us wears it will be different.  It just requires a little more thought and planning.  
There are some things to look for when choosing floral print tops or bottoms such as, where do the prints fall, what areas will it draw attention to, and how big are the prints?  This matters because any type of pattern on clothes will draw attention.  We want it to draw attention in the right way to the right areas.  Here’s what to keep in mind and how it can work for you:
  • Find floral pieces that have neutral color blocks, especially on the sides.  This draws the attention towards the center of your body while also defining your silhouette.  
  • If you are wearing prints from head to toe, keep the patterns the same and temper the outfit with a neutral colored belt or jacket.  Pieces that cinch in at the waist also work.  It helps break up the visual of the pattern and gives definition to your figure and the outfit.
  • Dramatic print tops should be balanced with a simple or solid color pant.  And vice versa.  
  • If you wear larger floral patterns, make sure the florals fall in the areas that show off your best features.  Look for pieces that are more tailored to the body.  It can contour your figure amongst all of the print.  
  • If bold floral patterns scare you, try prints that are in the same color family or in hues less contrasting.  You’ll still get the look of the print without a strong color disparity.  
  • Try smaller prints.  They are more forgiving because the patterns stand out just little less.
  • Finally, if any floral pattern on the body is an absolute no, there are always accessories!
We hope you feel inspired to try prints.   It's a great way to mix up your outfits and keep your looks interesting.  There are so many beautiful prints and patterns, we are sure that there's a look out there for you.  It can add so much personality and charm to your outfit. Don’t miss out on the fun!

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