Where do you get your fashion inspiration?  What do you read, what pictures do you look at or images do you tend to look for to get some inspiration on what to wear, what’s new in fashion and how to wear certain styles?  Several years ago, magazines and catalogs may have been the top answers.  Now, social media is probably number one.  
Social Media
Social media has surely changed and continues to change the fashion industry.  From a consumer perspective, we can learn a lot more about a brand then just what they sell.  Social media allows us to see their personality, the lifestyle they represent and their vision for fashion.  What used to be portrayed by a brand with one or two photos in a magazine or catalog has now become more fluid on social media with daily images and video content.  The use of social media also allows consumers to directly interact with and provide feedback to a brand.  Brands are forced to evolve and adapt to the current social and fashion culture at a much quicker rate.   This means, brands are listening to what we say and paying attention to what we are interested in.  
From a brand perspective, social media allows brands to connect with their audience on a more widespread and personal level.  Brands are able to spread their message and directly reach their customers without a middle man.  This has drastically changed the way brands are marketing themselves and reaching shoppers.  Brands can engage with consumers and get immediate feedback and sometimes unfiltered reaction to their fashion imaging and messaging.  Brands learn more quickly what trends are actually picking up and how consumers are interpreting those trends.  While this can force the industry to move at a faster pace, it is also allowing brands to grow with and align their products with the current cultural and fashion climate.   
There is no doubt that social media has impacted the way consumers view fashion and brands.  The most impactful social media outcome is the conversation space that has been created between brands and consumers. Fashion is and should be fun!  Use social media to celebrate and share it with others!

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