Fall Mood Board

You’ve likely heard of mood boards.  It’s where you take a board of any material and place images, fabrics, colors, shapes, etc for a particular project.  It allows you to see in one place, the theme or story for the project.  You can add, replace, or take away as much as you want, until you complete your vision for the project. Mood boards are used in many industries especially those involving design.  They can be in digital or physical format and the layout is all subjective.  

This had us thinking…this would be a great idea for creating our fall wardrobe!

How many times have we told ourselves that we want to have a specific fashion look for a season, or we want to add new styles, ones we don’t often try or wear, to bring variety and energy to our wardrobe?  Pulling it together can seem complicated, too much work, or just hard.  With a mood board, gathering the information and components now, and adding to them as the season progresses will set you up for when you are actually ready to build your wardrobe!  
Don’t know where to start?  Try with just one fall color - let’s say maroon.  Begin to build around it with different fabrics in that color, add swatches with complementary colors, and cut out or pin images with clothing and accessories that will form looks that meet your criteria.  Just keep building until the board represents the look or style you are going for.  In the end, you not only will have an artistic storyboard, you will have a template to guide your shopping!  
Happy Fall Shopping!!!

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